Tuesday, August 27, 2019

English Legal System and Skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

English Legal System and Skills - Essay Example n her statement, Rose says that she did not suspect that her brother was doing anything criminal, but that she had become wary of the kinds of people he was keeping company with at the gym. Rose must realize that if this suspicion about the kind of people her brother was keeping can be related the criminal act of the money. In Regina v Da Silva (2006)1, the court held that suspicion does not necessarily have to be knowledge ad that if there was a small doubt, this can be counted as suspicion. Rose can however feel safe as long as she can prove that due to her brothers good job, she never suspected that he could be involved in such a case and that it was also possible that he could afford that kind of money. Sarah may have a criminal responsibility of aiding and abetting crime, according to section 93A (1)(a) of the criminal justice act 1988 UK. It is clear that she was aware that her uncle John was having financial issues at the time and that he was desperate to resolve his problems. It can be argued that since Sarah knew that her uncle was having financial problems and that she was in charge of a charity, and this can be said to have been enough ground for a reasonable person to suspect that something was wrong. She could also have questioned the motive of her uncle requiring her to keep the money for her instead of him keeping in his bank account. In Regina v Da Silva (2006)2, the court held that the appellant was guilty because she had enough grounds to suspect that her husband was having criminal activity or that the money that was being deposited in her account by her husband had been acquired illegally. The same case can be applied in Sarah’s case because she must have sus pected that her uncle who was going through financial problems could not have acquired the money in proper

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