Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Law and the Police Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Law and the Police - Essay Example Society's difficulty overseeing the police is compounded by the invisibility of much of police behavior, and the large role that discretion plays in police officer's job Thus, even when the law unambiguously governs a situation, police may use their discretion not to enforce the law." (Sarat, 2004, p 133). This paper makes a reflective exploration of the relationship between law and police, the tension existing between these two entities, what can be done to reduce this tension, the need for effective leadership for policing, and the signs of ineffective leadership. The relationship between law and police within the modern democratic societies has been topic of several researches and it is important to recognize that each in some way determines the other, although both are independent of each other. One may realize the law as a set of rules with which the society operates and it is the law which determines a society. Society needs the police, along with the law, as a means of enforcing the law. "Police in a modern society have not only lawful authority to enforce law, but a virtual monopoly in enforcing the law.

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