Friday, September 27, 2019

Activity 6_16 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Activity 6_16 - Coursework Example This paper evaluates different programs and their success in reducing unsafe conditions and acts. The first technique is promulgating and enforcing safety standards to reduce the hazards. This seeks to enhance safer working conditions for the workers. Most researchers recognize that a well-designed safety program with proper management can help reduce accidents and resultant costs. Ideally, safety concerns decline once an organization adopts an operative safety management system. The safety management programs involve training and motivation of employees through incentives, inspection and investigation of accidents, reinforcement of safe behavior, as well as safety committees (Verney, 2004). This defines a bottom-up approach that is worker-friendly and ensures effective involvement of all stakeholders to enhance organizational safety. The second technique relates to the use of personal protective equipment while working within an organization. Ideally, workers come across different hazards that may include toxic chemicals, sharp objects, machines, polluted air, and radiations that lead to long-term adverse effects. As such, it is important for all workers to put on personal protective equipment. This is for the safety of the workers, their families, and the working environment. Use of personal protective equipment also enhances workers’ motivation since they reduce the risk of contracting any potential infection (LaMontagne, Oakes, & Lopez Turley, 2004). Such employees develop the courage to carry out their responsibility without fear of unknown hazards. The third technique relates to hazard communication that offers relevant information to all workers in an organization. This is significant since it helps workers to beware of potential hazard so that they can be cautious. Communication is important in health and safety management

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