Monday, September 23, 2019

Strategy Book Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Strategy Book - Case Study Example The sand dunes are the largest in the world, and they cover the largest coastal sand dune area in the USA (50 miles). The Stellar sea lion rookery is the only one in the mainland 48 states (Essentix). Florence has impressive man-made resources, as well, including: a rich history (Siuslaw Indians and loggers), a doll museum and pioneer artifacts museum, a sand dune golf course and an award-winning golf course. The Old Town has been tastefully restored. There is shopping, art, restaurants, river walks, historical buildings, live music and dancing. Peace Harbor Hospital serves Western Lane County. There is an existing tourism industry (Essentix). All towns have weaknesses, however. Florence’s population is weighted unevenly on the side of senior citizens. According to the 2010 census, the median age is 57 (Wikipedia). I suspect this has a negative effect on available tax income, and would shape the town in a conservative direction, where stability is preferable to risky opportunities. An older population is probably not attractive to young people, and there might be insufficient motivation to relocate there. In considering opportunities, what stands out in my mind is healthy, natural living and tourism. Residents are mostly older, so health support is attractive to them. People are living longer and want to feel good. Tourists want active, outdoor activities. That is why they come to Florence. For opportunity, we must build on tourism and natural resources, perhaps targeting a group not currently targeted. Threats may include resistance to abrupt change, due to an older population. Expanding nature-based tourism is dependent on outsider cooperation, as well as insider cooperation. Florence is not as well-known as Newport and Coos Bay, although it is uniquely positioned. Based on my SWOT analysis, it is clear that Florence is all about healthy, natural living and tourism. In googling Florence, this emphasis is quite visible. Although the town experienced

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