Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Relationships in Mississippi Masala and Persuasion Essay...

Relationships in Mississippi Masala and Persuasion Although they occur in extremely different times, I think that there are parallels between the relationships of Mina and Demetrius in Mississippi Masala and Anne and Captain Wentworth in Persuasion. In both mediums, the women are torn between their families and their relationships with their lovers. In Mississippi the prejudices that Minas family has are†¦show more content†¦Their romance induces a confrontation between the two ethnic groups. I would like to point out that Demetrius has never set foot in Africa, he was born in the United States and that Mina and her family are themselves Af ricans. This does not matter the members of the community or Jay. Jays racism blinds him to the fact that he survived only thanks to his black African childhood friend, Okelo, who bailed him out of jail in Uganda. From the standpoint of Demetrius and Minas families, they probably do think of it as a black and white issue. Not black and white in a sense of racial color, but in a sense of being opposite. Demetrius argues with Jay about this point exactly saying, Your skin is just a few shades lighter than mine. There are even examplse given in the movie of a dark and light issue within their own races. When talking about Mina, one woman at the Indian wedding says, You can be dark and rich, or you can fair and poor, but you cant be dark and poor and expect to get a guy like Raju. She is referring to Minas light skin and lack of money. Raju is wealthy Indian man who is looking for a bride and is interested in Mina. Also, a barber explains to Demetrius that blacks can not stand to see other blacks do well inShow MoreRelatedProject Mgmt296381 Words   |  1186 Pageseffort: What is the strategic role of projects in contemporary organizations? How are projects prioritized? What organizational and ma nagerial styles will improve chances of project success? How do project managers orchestrate the complex network of relationships involving vendors, subcontractors, project team members, senior management, functional managers, and customers that affect project success? What factors contribute to the development of a high-performance project team? What project management system

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