Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Oratorical piece free essay sample

Game theory is the science of strategy. It attempts to determine mathematically and logically the actions that â€Å"players† should take to secure the best outcomes for themselves in a wide array of â€Å"games. † The games it studies range from chess to child rearing and from tennis to takeovers. But the games all share the common feature of interdependence. That is, the outcome for each participant depends on the choices (strategies) of all. In so-called zero-sum games the interests of the players conflict totally, so that one person’s gain always is another’s loss. More typical are games with the potential for either mutual gain (positive sum) or mutual harm (negative sum), as well as some conflict. Game theory was pioneered by Princeton mathematician john von neumann. In the early years the emphasis was on games of pure conflict (zero-sum games). Other games were considered in a cooperative form. That is, the participants were supposed to choose and implement their actions jointly. Our senses have brought us to global climate change that emerged as the greatest threat facing humankind today. Climate change affects almost all ecosystems, society and economy.. We are now facing its serious impacts such as extreme weather events, floods, erratic rainfall and sea-level rise, which leads to food shortages, infrastructure damage and the degradation of natural resources. Hence, development gains achieved globally are under threat. The issue on climate change is now widely recognized as one of the major challenges for mankind in the 21st century, not only because it may ultimately affect many areas of our environment, nature and human activity, but its mitigation may have far reaching consequences to almost all sectors of the economy. Scientific advised has in the past years changed our perception of what is possible with the ambitious healthy environment. Environmental issues are a luxury extraneous to economic survival. Indeed, protecting and restoring forest ecosystems and arresting global warming are matters between life and death. In this respect, it is vital to adapt its impacts through global action. Desiring a novel spirit of trust, each country needs to commit to the most ambitious targets and measures that are technologically and economically feasible and Philippines is not an excuse. What is the challenge for us students? By gaining word mastery and by using it correctly, we can communicate our feelings and thoughts; we could spell the difference between success and failure because words lead to knowledge and power. Learning English as our second language could give us an edge to be heard in our own little ways as students. It could be the magic key in joining inter-school public speaking discourse such as oratorical contest, extemporaneous speaking, elocution and debate contests, where the theme is the nurturance of the environment. We may participate in an essay and poem writing contests on environmental issues or express our opinions and viewpoints on environmental concerns to any local, national or international publication. We may as well post or comment a blog in the internet on the care of mother earth. We could also respond to internet surfing and be a cybrarian by joining the many on-line activities, or by creating a web using English language as our means of communication and environmental nurturance as our goal. Ladies and gentlemen, these are just few of the many ways on how we can help our environment. We may be young but our voices are strong and loud enough to help bring awareness to the people in our community, to become socially and globally responsible on environmental issues. Speak. Act. Move. Write. And become more truly a part of the humanity!

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