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The Great Leaders Of The Civil Rights Movement - 1563 Words

Throughout history, people have made sacrifices, changes, and big decisions that later sometimes result in something grand. These grand occurrences can either be good or bad. Usually as time goes on these events and most well-known people of this time are highlighted in history classes for students to learn and to honor those of that time. However, some of the smaller people that contributed to historical events aren’t as highlighted as those that were seen as the big leaders. For example, in the American Revolution, the people that usually come to mind are George Washington, Paul Revere, and Thomas Jefferson. What about the people who were injured, scared and killed because of this bloody war? They seem to be forgotten until they are highlighted once again. Another example of a person that was not really highlighted for their actions is Nina Simone. She made an impact on the Civil Right Movement that not many other artist or celebrity would have done. When you think o f the Civil Rights Movement the first three that come to mind of course are, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X, and Rosa Parks. So, when someone hears the name Nina Simone the two most common responses might be â€Å"Who’s that?† or â€Å"Oh the singer?†. But what is forgotten is how she, at such a high level, put her reputation at a risk. Nina Simone was a very well-known singer of the 1950s and 1960s especially for her song â€Å"Feeling Good†. She didn’t just use her popularity for fame and money but to expressShow MoreRelatedEssay on Martin Luther King: A True Leader944 Words   |  4 PagesLuther Kind: A True Leader Do you think Martin Luther King deserves his reputation for being a great leader of the Civil Rights movement? What were his strengths and weakness? Overall, what is your verdict? Dr. Martin Luther King’s actions during the Civil Rights movement of the 1950’sRead MoreMartin Luther King Qualities1327 Words   |  6 Pages  Intelligent and his incredible actions made Martin Luther King to become a great leader in civil rights movement. Martin Luther King was a social activist and Baptist minister who led the civil rights movement from the mid-1950s to 1960s. According to the website called Martin Luther King Jr.-Biography, Martin Luther king was graduated from high school when he was fifteen. After getting his B. A. Degree from Morehouse, the B. D. from Crozer and then he got his doctor’s degree from Boston UniversityRead MoreEssay on Waiting Til the Midnight Hour1733 Words   |  7 Pageshistory, particularly the civil rights movement that took place during the 1950’s and 1960’s. I am a self-professed scholar of African American history and I found an amazing amount of information that I was not aware of. Like most who claim to be Black History experts, I was aware of the roles of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, W.E.B. Du Bois and Marcus Garvey. However, I was not aware of the impact that so many lesser known figures had in the civil rights movement. It was refreshing toRead MoreCivil Rights Movement and Black Nationalism Essay1210 Words   |  5 PagesEnglish 1302.044 March 3, 2000 Militant and Violent Acts of the Civil Rights Movement and Black Nationalism The rights of African-Americans have been violated since they were brought over to America as slaves in the late 1600s to the land of the free. Great political gains for African-Americans were made in the 1960s such as the right to vote without paying. Still, many African Americans were dissatisfied with their economic situation, so they reacted with violence in the form of riots. OtherRead MoreAfrican Americans And The Civil Rights Movement1260 Words   |  6 Pageswhere blacks couldn’t have the same rights as a white individual. African American were treated with hate and anger. The Civil Rights Movement is embodied in dramatic recorded speeches. Speeches like â€Å"I have A Dream†, the â€Å"Black Revolution†, and â€Å"Black Power’ and Coalition Politics. These speeches were written by great leaders. Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, and Bayard Rusting were just some of the wise leaders of the Civil Rights. However, these influential leaders had a different view on how thingsRead MoreMichael Brown And The Anti Black Racism1270 Words   |  6 PagesMichael Brown and were not indicted. This movement was a response to the anti-black racism that exists in our society (Cullors, Tometi Garza, 2012). Foner and Garraty (1991) point out that the Civil Rights Act of 1968 was an initiative where Civil rights activists used nonviolent protests and civil disobedience to bring about change for freedom and equality. African American leaders risked their lives to speak out for change while participating in the movement. In 1964 legislation introduced byRead MoreMahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela1504 Words   |  7 Pageschange between passive acceptances and armed struggle. Non-violence way to participate in the social and political change is including nonviolent civil disobedience against, acts of civil disobedience or other powerful influence uncooperative antagonistic form; it is similar with pacifism, but it is not pacifism. Since the mid-20th century, non-violence and civil disobedience become the main form of social change, and it also is respected political and social philosophy. As the practice of social and politicalRead MoreMalcolm X Essay855 Words   |  4 PagesMalcolm X was one of the most prominent and controversial leaders during the civil rights era of the 1950’s and 1960’s. By the early 1960’s he had grown frustrated with the non violent, integrated struggle for civil rights and worried that blacks would ultimately lose control of their own movement. Malcolm X was a key spokesman for the nation of Islam, epitomized the â€Å"Black Power† philosophy. Malcolm became an influential leader of the nation of islam, which combined Islam with black nationalismRead MoreDetermination Of The Civil Rights Movement1325 Words   |  6 PagesTomiko Brown-Nagin Courage to Dissent helps readers understanding of the Civil Rights movement. Brown-Nagin wrote about the issue that was going on during this time when it pertains to politics, housing, public accommodations, and schools. It highlighted major issue that was a problem in America but especially Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta at this time became a huge stomping ground for African American leaders because of the massive wave of blacks that lived in the city as well as the issueRead MoreThe Civil Rights Movement Of The 1960s And 1960954 Words   |  4 Pagesimportant and a great step for the human race to overcome racial prejudice, truly we have come a long way from the civil rights moment. The history of the United States is a series of many current social changes that have occurred. The Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960’s was one of the most significant and important for the equality of all people. Because of the abolition of slavery in 1863, many continuous conflict between races of people that live in the United States, rights were violated

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