Sunday, October 20, 2019

Hiral Patel Essays (235 words) - Money, Banking, Economy, Lock Box

Hiral Patel Essays (235 words) - Money, Banking, Economy, Lock Box Hiral Patel Key Value Paragraph My name is Hiral Patel and I am a Finance student at Fox School of Management graduating in 2018. As a lockbox specialist at MetaSource, I demonstrate my multitasking ability by managing and completing various tasks on a daily basis. For example, I receive, sort, prepare, and process remittances and checks to deposit in clients' bank accounts. I have to successfully deposit remittances and checks by the designated deadline so I manage my time wisely. As soon as I receive checks in the morning, I begin to sort and prepare them. I then look up account numbers and process checks in the proper bank accounts. I also enter pertinent data from checks such as customer names, addresses, deposit amounts, and account numbers into an automated lockbox system. I follow established corporate and department policies and procedures to avoid errors and customer dissatisfaction. Once I complete those set of tasks, I move on to different projects apart from lockbox to better obtain knowledge and exp erience. Due to my ability to multitask, I am able to successfully deposit checks and remittances in clients' bank accounts. Not only do I have the ability to multitask, but I also have the ability to try a project out of my comfort zone. I can use my experience to handle multiple tasks and initiatives with precision and accuracy to successfully operate in a high-pressure environment.

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