Sunday, October 6, 2019

The life of the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin Essay

The life of the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Essay Example Milwaukee has deep personal meaning to me as a home and as a place to visit with my family. I greatly adore Milwaukee known for its aromatic smell of malt in old-fashioned beer. With unique and distinct legacies handed down from generation to generation, it is no wonder that Milwaukee is literally translated as â€Å"the good land†, as it has benefitted me, my family and friends.What really is good about Milwaukee? Being considered home to more than 600,000 residents from diverse cultural and ethnic orientations, Milwaukee has supported diversity in culture from historical times. Although Native American Indians were known to rule the city, Germans were famous as the greatest immigrants, and have significantly influenced local culture through food and architectural edifices, the passage of time coupled with the sheer hospitality of the population encouraged people from Europe, Asia and from Mexico to assimilate into traditional American culture. We get the chance to watch most anticipated games of Milwaukee Brewers. The entire ballpark manifests grandeur and magnificence in the elegant design of the ballpark with a fan-shaped roof that houses four levels of fully packed highly charged and enthusiastic fans. Every game seen from Miller Park is a unique and memorable experience with minute details that are retained in my faculty forever. Sharing each experience with loved ones is a reflection of genuine respect for patronizing Miller Park as it forms part of my personal growth and development.... My family, friends and guests anticipate the end of winter through the melting of the snow in May – signaling the start of an almost five-month fun marathon, celebrating an array of activities ranging from attending musical concerts in beautifully designed stages across the festival grounds. We never miss attending the plethora of performing popular bands while sipping Milwaukee’s famous Schlitz and looking forward to having another serving of fish fry. Enjoying all that good stuff in the company of love ones and friends would never beat this experience. I would only fear that October is fast approaching and the frivolities are about to end. When all the merriment of Summerfest have concluded, I actually have other choices to visit, together with family members and peers in an array of contemporary and rustic works of art from any of the famous museums: the Art Museum in North Art Museum Drive, the Public Museum at West Wells Street, or the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum at Wisconsin Avenue. We all get to enjoy viewing extraordinary and exemplary designs in architectural structures and unconventional forms of arts. The futuristic houses constructed within the Art Museum and covered with a uniquely designed movable wings made to control the lighting and temperature within the building. My special and personal favorite is visiting the Public Museum where spectators never cease to recall the collection of butterflies at the Puelicher Butterfly Wing. Hundreds of beautifully colored butterflies in full splendor spread their intricately designed wings. I had the opportunity to see rare and even exotic species that are not found roaming in

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