Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Mentoring Program Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Mentoring Program - Research Proposal Example So, first of all, it seems necessary to define what particular outcomes we should expect from implementing an own mentoring program. One of the most significant is, I believe, developing a high performing team of professionals. Since team work is an essential part of our operations, it is important that our employees understand and accept this principle. Especially important it is because we cannot provide each with a mentor. Therefore, the first task to be accomplished while designing our mentoring program is choosing which particular people will be directly participating in the program. 2.1.1. 360 Degree Evaluation For this purpose I suggest to conduct a 360 degree evaluation: The 360 Degree Feedback System has recently experienced a wide spread among the organization wishing to improve and enhance their performance measuring systems. This particular method involves getting a feedback on an employee’s performance not only from a supervisor, as we do now, but also from four to eight peers, reports, colleagues or customers. In most cases the system also requires an employee oneself to assess own performance in an individual assessment (Heatfield, 2008). So, in addition to giving the manager an opportunity to get a wide range perspective on the employee’s performance, this system enables the supervisor to understand how the employee’s performance is viewed by others – that is to base evaluation not only on own perception, but on other’s opinions as well.

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