Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Vetoing of Jobs in America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Vetoing of Jobs in America - Essay Example Public polls have recently indicated that a majority of people support the project although there is still a great percentage of Americans opposing the entire project. Most of the supporters reason that the project will have numerous benefits to America. On the other hand, some Americans have aired their environmental and safety concerns about the project. According to the current economic state, it is evident that America needs more jobs. In addition, gas and fuel prices have been on the rise in the recent past. These are the factors that should convict the president to approve the southern and northern legs of the projects. The expedition of the TransCanada pipeline project has the potential of opening up job opportunities for the American people. It is clear that unemployment rates have been on the rise in the recent past. It is critical for the government to give attention to any project that I likely to improve the current situation. Statistics reveal that there are a great numb er of unemployed Americans despite their education level. An opportunity that is likely to create more than 250000 jobs is not something to disapprove. This is the reason why majority of American feel that the project should receive approval (Minicucc 1). The postponing of the approval of the consideration of the northern leg of the project until 2013 is disheartening to many Americans who were looking forward to the new jobs that the project will bring. The issues that led to the postponing of the crucial decision revolve around environmental and safety issues. Since America has other major pipelines, it is worthwhile to examine the risks posed by the existing pipelines. Understanding of such risks will enable the government to indulge into the project with more safety caution rather than let it go completely. According to the Energy Information Administration, the Trans Alaska pipeline is a classical example of a pipeline constructed with relevant safety measures put into place to minimize potential effects to both the environment and people. Reliable sources reveal that the spill rates of oil have decreased immensely in the recent past. These statistics imply that the TransCanada pipeline project is viable and should receive approval. According to the Oil Information Service, it is a time when fuel and gas prices are rising at an alarming rate, it is critical for the government to analyze the possible effect of the keystone pipeline to the gas prices. It is evident that the pipeline will be tapping more fuel into the country and them increasing supply is likely to bring the prices down. Although many people are afraid that different hubs along the pipeline will have the capacity to readjust prices and raise them, their fears are unwarranted because the effect will be minimal. America is suffering and approval of the project will be a great relief in the current hard economic times. The white house relented from approving the northern leg of the project beca use of the short notice on which it had to make the decision. According to white house reports, there was no adequate time to analyze and assess the risks of the project and address all the environmental concerns. However, Trans Canada already has in place environmental regulations that can be of potential use to assess whether the project is worth a trial (Trans Canada corporation 1). America has the appropriate guidelines that should enable it to weigh out the potential of the pipeline. Bearing in mind that pipeline transport poses the

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